To learn how to take care of your pants.

- Separate your colors, this will avoid dark colors from bleeding onto light ones.

- Close zippers and buttons to prevent any scraping of the fabric.

- Avoid trying to rub out stains during pretreatment. This will cause color discoloration at that spot.

- Turn trousers inside out.

- Avoid heavy loads, and wash no more than 2 or 3 pairs at a time. Cotton is cleaned through agitation, so the more trousers “move” the better the results.

- Since trousers are cleaned through the mechanical process of agitation, very little or no detergent is needed.

- If using detergent, be sure to use “color” sensitive detergent, this will help to keep the color from fading. Never use a heavy-duty detergent.

- Fabric softener and other emollients are not necessary.

- Choose normal wash cycles @ 40°C. Gentle or delicate cycles don’t provide enough agitation to properly wash your trousers.

- Use the shortest possible spin cycle, optimally at the lowest speed possible (400 rpm).

- At the end of the spin cycle, avoid leaving the pants in the washer for too long.

- Your cotton pants can be dried in a dryer, BUT please do so at very low temperatures - max. 60°C. This will make your pants feel soft and smooth. If your dryer doesn’t have a very low temperature setting, then best to lay your pants on a flat surface and let them dry naturally.

- If you follow the previous steps properly, your pants should not need any ironing. If you feel that some ironing is needed, please do so at very low temperatures. All of our pants have elastane, and high heat will damage it.

- If ironing, you should always iron with the pants turned inside out (iron the back side).