Anatomy of a pant

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Trouser components


Parts011 1. Waistband curtain 6. Front crease 2. Back pocket lining 7. Fly piping 3. Back seam piping 8. Hook 4. French fly 9. Waistband lining 5. Fly lining 10. Back seam outlet         Part-desc02 1. Sofflex Ban-rol to eliminate waistband rolling 2. Inside waistband lining 3. Serging 4. Front leg panel 5. Front leg lining 6. Front pocket piping 7. Coin pocket 8. Front pocket lining
Pleats-Double-Reversed Pleats-Box
Double reversed pleats Box pleats
Pleats-Inverted Pleats-Regular
Inverted pleats Regular pleats
Pockets-Side-Seam Pockets-Front-Double-Float-Welt Pockets-Full-Top Pockets-Wealt-Treatement-Front
Side seam pocket Front double floating welt pocket Full top pocket Welt treatment on front pocket
Pockets-14-Top Pockets-Scoop Pockets-18-Top Pockets-Watch
1/4 top pocket Scoop pocket 1/8 top pocket Watch pocket
Pockets-Patch Pockets-Cargo Pockets-Double-Narrow-Welt Pockets-38-Welt
Patch pocket Cargo pocket Double narrow welt pocket 3/8 welt pocket
Front pocket facing
Measurements-Seat Seat measurement
To measure seat, pant should be flat, zipper fastened ; measure straight at the base of fly tack.
Measurements-True-Rise Measurements-True-Rise-01 True rise measurement
To measure true rise - first you measure outside leg seam from the waistband to the bottom of leg seam. Second, using the same leg, you measure the inside leg seam from the crotch point to the bottom of inside leg seam. The difference between the outside seam and inside seam is your true rise.
Measurements-Inseam Inseam measurement
To measure the inside leg seam, you must measure from the top of inside seam to the bottomof inside seam.
Measurements-Knee Knee measurement
To measure knee, you must measure from the crotch point (top of inside seam) 13" down; then measure a straight line across the leg, making sure the leg is very flat.
Measurements-Thigh Thigh measurement
To measure the thigh, you must measure a straight line from back to front from crotch point (top of inside seam), making sure the leg is flat down.

  1. Front pocket
  2. Front panel
  3. French fly
  4. Welt back pocket
  5. Back pocket facings
  6. Belt loop
  7. Front pocket facing
  8. Waistband
  9. Back panel

  1. Leg lining
  2. Front pocket lining
  3. Back pocket lining
  4. Crotch-cover lining



Marker for pocket and crotch-cover linings

Marker for fabric cutting

Marker for leg linings

img_tab img_loop img_flap img_dndl
Tab Loop tab Flap Double needle drop loop
img_bsdl img_tl img_ew img_wst
Blind-stitched drop loop Tunnel loop Extended waistband Waistband side tabs
img_ff img_dart
French fly Dart